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Learning from other people’s mistakes

20 August 2016 Coming and going, looking and watching, what happened, teaching and making sense Here are some of the mistakes I corrected this week On holiday A lot of people are in holidays just now A lot of people are on holiday just now. To leave an organisation He wanted to go out of … Continue reading

Words, words, words

20 August 2016 Funny, stuff, good at, terrible at, hopeless at, making sense, make a mistake Here are some of the words and expressions that my English learners used this week: “Wait a minute, let me find it.” This student was searching for a url. Funny “It’s funny.” It makes me smile or laugh. BUT … Continue reading

I’m (not) a fan of…

English in the news Mark Carney used the expression “I’m not a fan of” to talk about negative interest rates. I noticed that he used a very “unspecific” expression to talk about something quite “specific”. I suspect this may be typical of his communication style; using everyday expressions to talk about matters that some people … Continue reading