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2+6+30 = the best 38 minutes you can spend learning English

Essential listening for busy people: 2+6+30=38 minutes learning I recommend you listen to these short podcasts if you want to learn new vocabulary quickly and improve your comprehension skills The best 2 minutes you can spend learning English: words in the news BBC Lingohack – weekly news summaries from the BBC – listen for only … Continue reading

Learning from other people’s mistakes

20 August 2016 Coming and going, looking and watching, what happened, teaching and making sense Here are some of the mistakes I corrected this week On holiday A lot of people are in holidays just now A lot of people are on holiday just now. To leave an organisation He wanted to go out of … Continue reading

Words, words, words

20 August 2016 Funny, stuff, good at, terrible at, hopeless at, making sense, make a mistake Here are some of the words and expressions that my English learners used this week: “Wait a minute, let me find it.” This student was searching for a url. Funny “It’s funny.” It makes me smile or laugh. BUT … Continue reading

I’m (not) a fan of…

English in the news Mark Carney used the expression “I’m not a fan of” to talk about negative interest rates. I noticed that he used a very “unspecific” expression to talk about something quite “specific”. I suspect this may be typical of his communication style; using everyday expressions to talk about matters that some people … Continue reading

6 tips for learning English online: Why little and often is best

I’ve been teaching English online for 6 months now. Here are my top tips for learners to help you make the most of your lessons with me. 6 Tips for making the most of your English lessons with me Have a good internet connection: Invest in a wire connection. You will be able to see and … Continue reading

How to improve your English accent and vocabulary

How can you improve your English accent and vocabulary? One of the best ways to improve your English vocabulary and pronunciation is to listen to BBC podcasts. This extract from an interview with Jin Liqun, President of the newly launched Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) supports my point. ‘He (Jin Liqun) spent three-quarters of his annual … Continue reading

Dinner or Supper: changing lifestyles

Dinner or Supper: When “you must come to supper” means the opposite When: 19.00 – 20.30 Dinner is a formal evening meal with at least three courses (starter, mains and dessert), probably with wine, and cheese, if you are lucky. There are many different types of dinner, from grand occasions with speakers and ceremonies, to more intimate … Continue reading

Afternoon Tea: the most important meal the British ever invented

Afternoon Tea and High Tea When: From 15.00 – 17.00 Probably the most important meal ever invented by the British, the afternoon tea party has been immortalised by writers including Lewis Carol (The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party) and Oscar Wilde (The Importance of Being Earnest). Afternoon tea is back in fashion. For £25.00 you can go to … Continue reading

Lunch or Dinner: Dinner ladies and ladies who lunch

Lunch or Dinner? When: From 12.00 – 15.00 At midday you can have an  “early lunch”.  Or you can meet a friend for lunch at one o’clock. This is the regular time for lunch. Or you may decide to have a late lunch at 2 o’clock. In the early part of the 20th century people used … Continue reading

Breakfast brunch and break time

Breakfast, brunch, and break time, also known as “Elevenses” When 07.00-10.00 Breakfast is the first meal of the day and is usually taken before 10.00. When a UK citizen says “I haven’t had breakfast yet”, it means they are incapable of working until they have had breakfast. When someone says “I don’t eat breakfast”, it means … Continue reading