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2+6+30 = the best 38 minutes you can spend learning English

Essential listening for busy people: 2+6+30=38 minutes learning I recommend you listen to these short podcasts if you want to learn new vocabulary quickly and improve your comprehension skills The best 2 minutes you can spend learning English: words in the news BBC Lingohack – weekly news summaries from the BBC – listen for only … Continue reading

I’m (not) a fan of…

English in the news Mark Carney used the expression “I’m not a fan of” to talk about negative interest rates. I noticed that he used a very “unspecific” expression to talk about something quite “specific”. I suspect this may be typical of his communication style; using everyday expressions to talk about matters that some people … Continue reading

6 tips for learning English online: Why little and often is best

I’ve been teaching English online for 6 months now. Here are my top tips for learners to help you make the most of your lessons with me. 6 Tips for making the most of your English lessons with me Have a good internet connection: Invest in a wire connection. You will be able to see and … Continue reading

How to improve your English accent and vocabulary

How can you improve your English accent and vocabulary? One of the best ways to improve your English vocabulary and pronunciation is to listen to BBC podcasts. This extract from an interview with Jin Liqun, President of the newly launched Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) supports my point. ‘He (Jin Liqun) spent three-quarters of his annual … Continue reading

Real English for Job Interviews

How to survive a job interview in English People often ask me to help them prepare for a job interview. Interviews are about listening and speaking. Interviewers ask the questions, and interviewees give the best answer they can. The aim of this blog is to give you some words and phrases that will help you … Continue reading

What is the meaning of ‘wobbly’?

I love it when my students ask me the meaning of a word or an expression. Continue reading